Together with three pretty young women, Superamas party...

Joking... Drinking... getting wasted. The evening roughly shifts into a strip-poker party. They film  whole scene  themselves. Clumsily, the video camera captures bits of this non-event. Is everything staged or simply true?  Do we have any clues to find out?  While watching this pretty rough video, what are we ultimately facing besides our own desire? The process of editing and disframing digs the surface of these images. It finally points out what we are really paying attention to, for whatever reasons (!).

External soundscape by audio-visual artist Bernhard Loibner.


Production : SUPERAMAS

Co-production : dietheater Wien, Wiener Konzerthaus / generator

Technical description: TV monitors with headsets, six  films, colour, sound, PAL, loop. Intimate atmosphere required (wardrobe, series of small rooms…). External sound system (CD player, loudspeakers)

When We Were Kings

Video Installation 2005
see the video trailer (DSL/Cable recommended)