" Je regardais cette face d’ivoire - Et j’y discernais l’expression - D’une farouche puissance - D’une terreur abjecte - Et aussi d’un désespoir - Immense et sans remède"

Superamas spent a week in Bucharest (Romania) in May 2004. Being there, we decided to take advantage of this location to challenge pre-conceived ideas and prejudices regarding Romania. We booked two escort girls and filmed  a well-known scene from Godart’s "Sauve qui peut, la vie”. Arrogant, West-European, self-confident, the central character can not escape from looking hopeless, despite his financial power.

This film is about how to shrink an entire nation to economic standards.

We would like to dedicate this film to Helena, Mirella and Stefan Tiron.

Production : Superamas.

Co-production : springerin-hefte fuer Gegenwartskunst, Tanzquartier Wien/Austria, City of Vienna/Austria.

Technical description: 50-inch flat-screen TV / sticker, writings, DVD, 10min, loop, sound

text written by Peter Stamer (dramaturg), about Sauve qui peut (Romania)

Sauve qui peut (Romania)

Video Installation 2004