Any given museum gives you the feeling that you now stand in a safe place. Actually, literally in a safe.
But one can also consider this valuable site as a space for extreme contradictions. Thanks to passionate and greedy collectors these items embody and acknowledge the fights they bear to finally end up before your eyes.

Let me try to lay out a few words that eventually  register the contradictory journey one goes on in a museum:
Wealth/Courage/Arrogance/Theft/Preservation/Killing/Comprehension/Taming/Curiosity/Misrepresent/Openness... you name it.

For this welcoming act around 10 performers will dance the fear and the pride of hunting and being hunted. This performance is designed as a tribute to the past and upcoming fights for a better world.

Concept, sound, production: Superamas
Choreographed and performaned by Superamas and participants of the field project "History and Violence" at ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna: Mavikana Badinga, Julia Danziger, Samuel M. Ekeh, Nahoko Fort-Nishigami, Justin Lynch, Philipp Mayer, Noemi R. Oncala, Faris Rahoma, Daniela Zacherl
Costumes: Sofie Durnez
Light design: Martin Schwab
Drums: Philipp Mayer

Produced by: Superamas
Co-produced by: ImPulsTanz Festival and Weltmuseum Wien
With the support of: the French Cultural Institute in Vienna.

Thanks to the below mentioned for their support, ideas and wishes:
Micheal Stolhofer, Jani Kuhnt-Saptodewo, Nadja Haumberger, Bianca Figl and Claire Granier.

History of Violence

Site Specific Performance 2015
Weltmuseum, Vienna, Austria
see the video trailer
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