At a first sight, just another very sense-appealing, highly charming  tribute to Mozart that has kept its promise. The trouble is that it not only lifts you very high, it also moves you quite a lot to the sides across borderlines (a little bit like aerobics, but leading to slightly different results). For some reason, it definitely leads you to stroll around some historical and most current negotiations: highly strange co-attractions, highly strange co-mobilisations, and highly strange alliances between visual arts, music, dance, and socio-political power agencies. Overlapping officially separated representation modes, High Art subtly exposes an (affect-based) inter-quoting traffic that makes you meet visual arts engaging with flag-waving official ceremonies, choreographic performances engaging with inter-national rhetoric, cultural celebrations engaging with operatic aerobics, classical music engaging with cinematic politics, and socio-political affairs engaging with them all.
Paula Caspao, Get High / on aerobic politics and other highly cinematic genres, (excerpt)

Premiered at and produced for Hoellenfahrt International Festival, a project of the WIENER MOZARTJAHR 2006.
Production: SUPERAMAS
Co-production: Impulstanz Festival Vienna. With the support of the City of Vienna  and the Austrian Federal Chancellery or the Arts

Technical description: ten 5.50m-high metallic masts, 4.70m-diameter ring structure, ten flags, air compressor, motors, electronics, computer, sound.

High Art

Choreographic Sculpture 2006
see the video trailer (DSL/Cable recommended)