With "Diggin'up 2", we now dive in another space of representation.
This time with a strong focus on the ambiguity of the performer's "presence". The performance/installation can be played with and without performers. Therefore do we still need "live" performers? Or could we say that their representation is good enough to register their presence on stage?

This work obviously questions how we perceive the subject. It leads us to reconsider our own activating role within this setting. Something comes up, fades away and finally returns… this is what we are invited to experience.

Through this mechanism of emptying the subject and the object, we of course outline a shift from spectator to director. Each spectator will effectively realize his own personal piece according his optical abilities, the time span spent with the work… according to the present circumstances.

In today's distance free communication technologies, 3D images and avatars, "Diggin'up 2" powers a sensual experience of a space in constant motion.

Production : Superamas
Co-production : Triennale Hasselt/Superbodies (B), Kunstencentre Buda/Kortrijk (B), Vooruit/Ghent (B), Szene Salzburg (A) and APAP advanced performing arts project/EU.

Diggin'up 2 (digital light / absorption)

Light Installation/Performance 2012