Bruce says : “Finally, history has been nothing more than a project.” And Pam goes : “Where the hell did you put the keys to the Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI?”

Whether they come across the Habsburg dynasty, the romance between “l’Aiglon” and famous dancer Fanny Essler, or simply rescue a silicon-breasted bimbo from drowning, the characters of those three photo novels keep on questioning the historical and social nature of their identities. You will find nothing original in their way of thinking and being. These average Joes are drawn by the most common behaviour.

Bringing together clichés and high culture economics, Superamas points out that art and life are necessarily bound to quite a wide range of projections.

Production: Superamas, Tanzquartier Wien. With Thanks to Volkswagen.

Technical description : three video photo novels, projections / DVDs, colour, sound, PAL, loop, 30min / video projection, three screens or monitors, one or three rooms.

Body, History, Images & Tourism

Video photo Novel 2003