Choreographer Milli Bitterli asked us for a solo; we worked on what was visible of her on a superficial level.

It is a movie about spaces treated as surfaces. It is a movie about the relations conveyed to the surface as soon as bodies are convoked. It is a movie, i.e. a place where images reflect.

We have focused on spaces and movements in space, on the stories the body tells in its daily life, in its intimacy. We then put these tiny reports, this non-drama material, to echo with cinematographic inscriptions. Cinema is an iconographic approach. When setting this slide towards the icon, the link becomes reflexive, allowing an interrogation to both terms of the relation : the literal movement and part of its dramatic potential, of its cultural, social, behavioural implications.

Production : Superamas and Tanzquartier Wien/Austria

Technical description: video projection / 13min, loop, colour, PAL, sound, one screen or TV monitor.

Billy Billy

Choreographic Video 2002