In a reality show, the reality one is supposedly brought to observe is actually a setting. Thus, two systems of values superimpose, social conventions and the game of diverting them, on one side, and on the other side, television production embedded in the system of representation. Reality show, in other words, assimilates to the statement of nonsense, of an illusion, as in a sleight of hand.

"It's all true". The show is grounded on this improbable assertion.

Nevertheless, are we not asked to admit the very same convention in any production based on identification, on a conforming process to a possible or plausible reality, on a principle of likeliness?

BIG asks these questions, investigating the latest concepts developed by the AI research (artificial intelligence).

Given an improbable situation based on "clichés" (which are the most common elements of social convention), what does exist of the situation is nothing but a line of basic vectors lying on mechanized directions of desires. We can therefore create the model of a system, reducing it to a certain number of values. The whole point being to be able, then, to observe these particular values.

"One can say that nothing is totally predictable nor totally unpredictable, because, given one event, one always has a choice whether it is yes or no..." Robert Trappl, chairman on the cybernetics institute in Vienna. But then again, of course, you are applying a system of values...

In collaboration with: Bernard Billoud (Bio-Informatician - Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), Maître de Conférence (Paris 7) and Prof. Robert Trappl, Director of the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence & Cybernetics, Vienna. Yalda  and Meny (Gogo Dancers).

Production : Superamas, Dans in Kortrijk/Belgium, BSBbis Beursschouwburg/Brussels/Belgium, Festival Anno2/Belgium.

Supported by : Ministère de la culture et de la communication (DICREAM) Paris/France, City of Vienna/Austria.

Big 1st episode

reality show / artificial intelligence

Performance 2002
see the video trailer (DSL/Cable recommended)
Photos : Alain Roux 2003