An isolated individual stands on one side of the stage. His looks are typical, over-definite: he is a competition motorbike racer dressed in a leather outfit, with helmet and boots. For the time being, he seems to be waiting. Above and in front of him, a chronometer displaying 00 seconds/00 tenths of seconds.

The protagonist crosses through as many different worlds as possible, sometimes an actor, sometimes a revealer, sometimes a dancer. The composite aspect of the world being observed (aside from theatre) is made sensitive, humorous and violent by the sheer off-context situation of the character.

Mirroring the electronic language, our biker merges with the web of links and knots offered by the various media.

Production : Superamas, Dietheater Wien/Austria, Dans in Kortrijk/Kortrijk/Belgium. Supported by : the Institut Français in Vienna and the City of Vienna.


Solo Performance 2002