Two films synchronised with the electric system of the truck (lights, horn, etc.)

Let us try to figure out what such a usual object as a truck actually carries.

We are not talking actual freight here, we are interested in the load it bears as soon as we decide to make it an image, an object for an installation.

TruckStation takes the form of a glass truck from which a journey can be seen, a loop tour, broadcast on video monitors. The truck responds to this travel, reacting in a synchronised way to all events: it blows its horn, switches on its lights when night falls, signals before turning. The object becomes human in a way, and through a variety of encounters, characters and landscapes, it pertinently echoes our own travels, our own journeys, real and fantasised.

Production : Superamas, SommerSzene/Salzburg/Austria and Pilottanzt/Austria.

Technical description: a big truck, 2 VHS films synchronised with truck equipment, 16min, loop, electronics, computer, sound.

Video Installation 2001
see the video trailer (DSL/Cable recommended)