In the performance series by the Austrian-French-Belgian performance collective Superamas, everything revolves around the expectations and projections that always accompany the process of two people getting to know each other. Performer Philippe calls a multitude of personalities to the dialogue, in short: it’s a performance date!

The rules of classic dialogue have no place in this date with the Superamas. Both actors are campaigning with fictive, prepared dialogues. Instead of talking directly to each other, they get involved in their fantasy conversations full of expectations using question and answer cards they raise. The power to unashamedly put words into the mouths of the other beguiles them into conscious manipulations and inevitably brings the unspoken to the fore. The actors can react to the partly cheeky assumptions with acts of performance which they have brought along to the date as a gift.

It’s a date! is steeped in the wish to find out who the other really is and what they might think about the other. General topics such as politics, art and everyday life are mentioned in the process, which is as pre-programmed as questions of a more intimate nature. With It’s a date!, the Superamas test a new scenario for inter-human encounters with an in-house dating format!

#1 Markus Schinwald, visual artist
#2 Christopher Green, hypnotist, singer, comedian

Production : Superamas and brut (Vienna) co-production house

It's a Date!

Performance 2014